NO HATE Speech Campaign

The Institute strongly supports actions taken against hate speech (including online hate speech), which undermines the fundaments of human rights and poses a direct threat to democracy.

The delegates of the Institute were involved in the works of the Council of Europe in the matter and participated in the recent seminar in Strasbourg concerning combating antisemitic hate speech. The seminar tried to promote a shared understanding of antisemitism and its expression in online hate speech. Forty one participants subsequently were asked to share strategies and approaches to counter antisemitic hate speech as well as were invited to devise projects and initiatives to address antisemitic hate speech through the No Hate Speech Movement (NHSM) and identify measures for member states and other stakeholders to effectively act against antisemitic hate speech online. The participants were also encouraged to support coalition building and common actions between youth, human rights and media organisations to combat antisemitic hate speech, which, as proposed by our delegate Sava Jankovic, could be best achieved through human rights education of young people in the Council of Europe member states. The participants obliged to remain active in the matter and as far as possible to prepare actions for the Action Day countering antisemitic hate speech on 9 November.

The expert of the Institute, Prof. Jalgaonkar is currently engaged in and in-depth research on racial and religious hate crimes in Scotland from the legal perspective and the reference will soon be available in our publication section.