IOSAC delegates attend Arab European Youth Forum for Alliance of Civilizations in Doha

IOSAC delegates participated at the Arab European Youth Forum for Alliance of Civilizations in Doha, Qatar between 22-27 November organized jointly by the Council of Europe and the Ministry of Sport and Culture of Qatar and the League of Arab States. The main aim of the Forum was to enhance the inter-cultural dialogue, which promotes understanding and is conducive to peace and stability in the world. Intercultural dialogue increases the chances of achieving a consensus, reminds us that disputes should not be resolved by violence, helps us to manage cultural diversity in a democratic manner, promotes social cohesion, and gives us impetus to develop jointly new projects in the future.

During the Forum, our team took part in the following discussion panels: a) Role of Sports in spreading rapprochement and understanding between cultures between civilizations; b) Sports for All and generations; and c) Role of civil societies to enforce human rights culture.

The Forum took the chance to commemorate the anniversary of the United Nation Universal Declaration of Human Rights and reviewed its theoretical and practical importance of the after 70 years.

On this occasion the encouraging words of UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein were given attention. As he stated ‘The Universal Declaration has helped countless people gain greater freedoms and equality/ Violations have been prevented; independence and autonomy have been attained. While not all the promises of the Universal Declaration have been fulfilled, many people have been able to secure essential rights and freedoms and put an end to discrimination.