Our Team


Sava Janković

President of the Institute and Director of Research and Development. Dr Sava Janković shares interest in international law and security and human rights. He has specialized and taught at such institutions as University of Warsaw (2006-2011), University of Novi Sad (2011-2013), University of Cambridge (2013), Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin and University of Dundee (2014-2018). He is currently involved in democratization and rule of law projects.

e-mail: s.jankovic@iosac.no

Claudia Kalupa

Vice-President of the Institute and Art Director. Claudia has wide-ranging experience of strategic planning of integrated arts programmes and expertise in commissioning, fundraising and managing world-class initiatives in art and non-art contexts, including working with exhibitions, performances, public realm projects, engagement programmes, digital resource development, publishing and event management.

e-mail: c.kalupa@iosac.no

Christian Iversen

Vice-President of the Institute and Director for international Cooperation. Dr Vojislav Jankovic specializes in international economics and business diplomacy. He was advisor during the recent financial crisis and provides counselling service on the EU integration process of the Western Balkans.

e-mail: ch.iversen@iosac.no


Jacob Johanssen

Expert in non-discrimination and tolerance. Professor Johanssen’s has expertise in human rights, non-discrimination, national minority rights, prevention and awareness raising, legislative drafting, including in non-discrimination field, gender equality, promotion of women’s rights, preventing and combating domestic violence, preventing and combating human trafficking, civil society development and capacity building of justice sector actors and law enforcement. He is currently researching and advising on issues relating to hate speech and freedom of expression.

e-mail: j.johanssen@iosac.no

Ana Leao

Development and Health Assistant. For the past 10 years Ana has been involved in activities with youth demanding special assistance. Ana has developed innovative strategies and practices of work youth and was involved in a number of initiatives and projects promoting social inclusion and equality. She is passionate about new trends in nutrition and researches in healthy living.

e-mail: a.leao@iosac.no

Vadym Gereshchenkov

Communication and Programme Officer. Vadym is a professional trainer and journalist. He possesses competences to understand and facilitate individual and group learning processes, to design educational programmes and to co-operate and communicate meaningfully with others. He is skilled at organizing both small and big events as well as has vast experience in the domain of sport and social transformation.

e-mail: v.gerashchenkov@iosac.no

Daria Aleksandrovna Pashinskaya

Talent and Culture Manager. Daria is a professional dancer and singer. She was a soloist in the national choreographic ensemble “Avangard” between 1998-2011 and worked in the plastic theatre “Gratesk” in Kemerovo between 2013 -2015. In addition, she has been involved in St. Petersburg State Theatre of Musical Comedy and Seversky State Musical Theatre.

e-mail: d.a.pashinskaya@iosac.no

Anthonia Ugowe

Human Development Specialist. Anthonia Ugowe is a Lecturer at the Faculty of Law, University of Ilorin. Her research areas include commercial law, corporate governance and social responsibility and public governance. She has published widely in these areas. She is presently researching and consulting on corporate governance for Small and Medium sized Enterprises. In addition, Anthonia shares interests in develpoing countries, sustaianble development and environmental protection.

e-mail: a.ugowe@iosac.no